Class Attendance:

A candidate who has fulfilled the following conditions shall be deemed to have satisfied the attendance requirements for completion of a semester.

Ideally every student is expected to attend all classes and earn 100% attendance.  However in order to allow provision for certain unavoidable reasons such as prolonged hospitalization / accident / specific illness the student is expected to earn a minimum of 75% attendance to become eligible to write the end-semester examination.

Appearing for semester examination:

A candidate shall normally be permitted to appear for the University examination of the current semester if he/she has satisfied the semester completion requirements and has registered for examination in all courses of the current semester.  

Further, registration is mandatory for all the courses in the current semester as well as for arrear(s) course(s) for the university examinations failing which the candidate will not be permitted to move to the higher semester.

Time and Duration of Examination:

There shall be a semester examination of 3 hours duration in each lecture based course. The examinations shall ordinarily be conducted between October and December during the odd semesters and between March and May in the even semesters.

For the practical examinations (including project work), both internal and external examiners shall be appointed by the University. The maximum marks for each theory and practical course shall be 100 comprising 20 marks for internal assessment.


A candidate who secures not less than 50% of total marks prescribed for the courses with a minimum of 50% of the marks prescribed for each of the course of the end-semester University Examination in both theory and practical courses shall be declared to have passed in the Examination.