The internal complaint committee (ICC) was constituted with the following members to keep the college campus free from any type of sexual harassment and provide full security to our girl students and women staff member.

  • 1. Dr.S.Anbazhagan, Principal-Convener
  • 2. Mrs.B.Sathya, Associate Professor
  • 3. Mrs.S.Amudha, Assistant Professor
  • 4. Mrs.S.Dhanalakshmi, Associate Professor
  • 5. Mrs.K.Karthiga Devi, Assistant Professor
  • 6. Mrs.B.Poovarasi, Lab Technician


  • 1. To keep vigil among girl students.
  • 2. To conduct periodical counseling to lady students and inform the facilities available in the college campus in case of any harassment for any Girl student from Boys.
  • 3. Informing them about the steps taken by the management to provide full security to our Girl. Students and women staff members inside the campus.

Contact Details:

Dr.S.Anbazhagan Office: 04146 233181
E mail: