Lab Facilities


The laboratory is equipped with state of art equipment’s to conduct experiments pertaining to climate and built environment.


•     Mini Meteorological station with 18 sensors
•     Non-contact thermometer
•     Wet and dry hygrometer (Imported)
•     Thermo hydrograph
•     Digital anemometer
•     Prismatic Compass
•     Accutape (Ultrasonic distance meter)
•     Digital lux meter (Imported)


•      Measurement of inside and outside air temperature
•      Measurement of roof, wall and soil temperature
•      Measurement of temperature of solar heated objects, wind velocity, relative humidity, light illumination and brick moisture
•      Measurement of deformation of structures (crack width).


Models play a vital part while presenting your design ideas in architecture; it enhances our understanding about the building structure. Our students are introduced with model making from their first semester itself. It aids them in visualizing and creating spaces, understand the scale and proportion of their design.

Here in Surya School of Architecture, we enable students to use variety of materials in model making through ‘experience and learn’ strategy.