• Candidates shall bring their own pens, pencils and other permitted materials and will not be allowed to borrow any thing from others in the examination hall. Candidates should use only blue or black or blue black ink/ball pen while answering the questions. Colour pens/sketch pens are allowed only for drawing diagrams/charts.

  • A candidate is permitted to use geometric tools, non-programmable calculators and approved tables and data books only, during the examinations. No other material/gadget (including cell phone) should be brought inside the examination hall.

  • The candidate has to verify the receipt of proper question paper by cross checking the subject code and subject title printed in the question paper with that available in the Hall Ticket before starting to answer. Question papers which are not relevant should be returned to HS immediately.

  • Candidates are forbidden from asking any query relating to meaning or correction or typographical error in the question paper during the examination. Candidates should not move from his/her place for any purpose during the examination. Drinking water will be served and approved materials for the examination will be given at his/her place.

  • Rough work if any must be done only on the space allotted at the end (last but one page) of the answer-book. No separate answer-book for rough work will be supplied to the candidates.

  • A candidate should neither possess/refer any forbidden material in any form nor seek/obtain assistance in any form from any person/source towards answering the questions during the examinations. He/she should not assist other candidates in any form towards answering the questions during the examinations. The candidate should not reveal his/her identity in any form in the answer-scripts. The candidate should not indulge in canvassing either directly or indirectly to award more than deserving marks in the examinations. The candidate should maintain discipline and decorum during the examinations.

  • Writing the name or the internal assessment mark or any irrelevant matter or making an appeal to the examiner in the answer-book will be treated as a case of malpractice.

  • Writing a wrong register number will lead to rejection of answer-script and the candidate is liable for further punishment.

  • Candidates should not detach any sheet from the main answer-book or take away any sheet/material from the examination hall. He/she should not leave any irrelevant material/sheet inside the answer-script while handing it over to HS.

  • The candidate has to ensure that no forbidden materials/writings are present in his/her vicinity. If any such things are found by the candidate, it should be brought to the notice of HS before the commencement of the examination. The candidate cannot plead innocence and has to bear the punishment if such materials/writings are found by the officials while writing the examination.

  • When the permitted materials like data book/calculator/lab-coat brought inside the examination contain any forbidden writings/materials the candidate cannot plead innocence by claiming that the material/instrument is a borrowed one.

  • Violation of the examination rule in any form during the examinations will attract punishment ranging from levying fine to permanently debarring the candidate from continuing his/her studies.

  • The candidates should read the displayed posters containing nature of violation in the examinations and the punishment recommended.

  • Any personal message to the candidate, shall not, in any case be delivered to the candidate until he/she completes the examination.

  • Candidates who are suffering from infectious diseases of any kind will not be allowed to write the examination.