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B.Pharmacy, generally abbreviated as Bachelors of Pharmacy, is a graduate degree course required to practice pharmacy and have a successful career as a pharmacist. Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four-year programme that consists of eight semesters. To be admitted to the course, the student must pass the Class 12 examination with a minimum of 45-50% aggregate marks in all subjects. In their higher secondary education, the student should have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

Highlights of the Programme

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, or B.Pharm, is a famous career-oriented undergraduate degree study in the medical sciences.
  • Pharmacy offers a variety of degrees on different levels each aiming to provide different health services.
  • The bachelor of pharmacy program typically includes coursework and research on the science behind the practice of medicine.
  • The course covers a wide range of topics related to medicine and how and when drugs are utilized to treat various conditions.
  • This programme covers Health Education, Physiology, Human Anatomy, biochemistry, Disease Mechanisms, Pharmacology, Community Pharmacy, Chemistry, pharmacotherapy, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, and drug development.
  • This programme covers everything from small-scale to the industrial formulation and industrial and commercial management and pharmaceutical law. It also covers the chemistry, storage, and use of a variety of therapeutic drugs.
  • Its focus has broadened to encompass such aspects as hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, clinical practice, and traditional healing systems, among others. Due to better professional growth, rewards, and recognition as a professional, it is considered one of the most attractive healthcare degrees.
  • B.Phram is suitable for students interested in a long-term career in the medical sector of pharmaceutical sciences, beginning at the entry-level.


  • Provide a basic understanding of the Pharmacy students will have adequate knowledge pertaining to profession of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical sciences and Manufacturing practices.
  • Students will learn the basic methods to have the necessary skill to plan and execute experiments and troubleshoot problems related to drugs and formulations.
  • The Pharmacists will become lifelong learners capable of keeping pace with advances in technology and assume leadership roles to facilitate improvement in public health.
  • Arrangement of Educational tours , Industrial visits , In-plant training, Guest lectures/ conferences/ seminars/ workshops
  • Campus recruitment

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